You’ve come to the right place if you enjoy staying on top of fashion trends.
We’ve asked leading experts to shed some light on what they believe the beauty world will be coveting in terms of cosmetics, hair, nails, and skincare in the upcoming 12 months because we love a little foresight on what to expect from the trends in the beauty industry in 2023.

The 2023 beauty trends listed here may give you a new flex to add to your arsenal, whether you’re currently ahead of the curve or just seeking for ways to switch up your beauty.

Side Parting

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From being derided as “cheugy,” side-partings have made an amazing comeback.
Now that modern interpretations feel wearable and relevant, everyone (including Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, Megan Fox, and Laura Harrier, to mention a few) seems to be firmly back on board.
The side-revival parting’s will be in full force this year, predicts Nicole Petty, a hair specialist at Milk + Blush, similar to many other early 2000s Y2K trends.
Also, there are numerous ways to wear it, like thrown, mussy, and slightly grungy, glam and voluminous, glossy, and elegant.

Layers and face-framing

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We still desire the oomph, body, and substance that a layered cut can provide in 2023.
In the coming year, “messy haircut” searches are expected to dominate.
Nicole cites choppy layers and shaggy cuts as examples of untidy cuts and styles that may be worn with any hair type or texture.
Adding volume to the top of the head and letting parts of hair loose around the front of the face are key styling techniques, according to the stylist.

Chops with an animal theme are popular right now.
With approximately 2 billion engagements across Google and social media in 2022, the wolf cut emerged as the most popular beauty trend overall. But, the butterfly cut is expected to overtake it in 2023.
The experts at Beauty Pie, who examined data from social media and Google to create their 2023 trend report, said that the butterfly haircut, which blends long and short layers, has witnessed a tremendous rise in popularity in recent months.
In fact, the chop has increased by 12,432% and is the most popular trend for the upcoming year.

Slick Strands

Another Y2K hair reference, in sharp contrast, has gained popularity.
Compared to the elaborately layered hair trend, poker straight strands with liquid gloss give a more glamorous option.
According to hair guru Sam McKnight, there will be a true return to more polished styles. “Think less untidy and more manicured,” he advises.
Both your blowout and cleaner silhouettes are options,” he continues.

Box Bob


You know how much we love bobs around here, and the box bob is the one to watch for 2023, with searches for the term rising by 12% in the previous month.
This creates a stronger statement than the softer, more rounded forms.
It has clear, blunt lines that can appear somewhat more squared and thick when fashioned straight. But, it also has adaptability because it looks well with gentle waves or a loose, air-dried texture.

It is a modernized version of the traditional bob style, according to Nicole, and it looks great on fine hair since it can bring structure and volume to hair that could otherwise look flat by reducing the weight of the hair.
According to Annie Redman on Larry King, a box bob is like a facelift for your hair.
Syd explains, “Imagine Amelie [Audrey Tautou’s well-known Parisian character] meeting [iconic ’60s angular hairstylist] Vidal Sassoon.

Preppy-Girl Accessory

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With Gossip Girl’s resurgence in popularity and the preppy-girl trend exploding on TikTok, hair accessories are poised to make a significant comeback.
According to celebrity hair stylist Alicia Dotson, “I think we will see lots of accessories, imagine oversize headbands and claw-clip hairstyles.
In fact, Google searches for “preppy hair accessories” had increased by 4,200%.

The key to the preppy look à la Blair Waldorf, as seen on fashionistas like Gigi Hadid and Keke Palmer, is accessories.
The ideal ways to quickly prep up a day-to-day look include pearl-encrusted hair clips placed perfectly yet effortlessly on the side, ribbon headbands paired with long, sleek hair hanging down, and hair bows tying up softly curled ponytails, according to Brenda Lee Intignano, trend expert at Cliphair.

In addition to being fashionable, embellished bobby pins, elaborate alice bands, ribbons, bows, and hairbands will all be used frequently.
Pull your hair back and add an accessory, advises Syd, if your hair is a little oily or if you want to change up your appearance from day to night.


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“Copper hair, which has been worn by Zendaya, SZA, and Kendall Jenner all year,

a crucial style for 2022, “Brenda concurs, and Google indicates that this trend will continue into 2023 because searches for copper hair have increased by a whopping 8,000% just in the past month.
While copper is not a color that “fits everybody,” its adaptability is the key to why this hair trend is so well-liked.
There is actually a tone option for practically any skin tone, so there is one out there for everyone, asserts Brenda.

Laura concurs, saying that auburn coloring is anticipated to become in popularity in 2023 as a continuation of the copper and burned orange tones that we are already seeing.
“The darker brunette coloring will start to blend with bronze and brighter tones starting next year.
I anticipate seeing some eye-catching 2010 ombre styling after a year of ’90s nostalgia,” she continues.
There are many different auburn tones to pick from, making it easy to discover your ideal match.
For the most natural look, ask your colorist for guidance on which will complement your base color and skin tone the best.