After waiting for three years, Adidas reconciled Hideaki Yoshihara and Yukiko Ode ‘s married designer pair HYKE to produce an incredible FW20 drop in professional clothing and shoes.

The garment line sees oversized crewneck classics revamped with a “white noise” design in black / white and black / tan along with a “adventure” design inscribed under the logo. Elsewhere, exaggerated yet tasteful outerwear choices are available, including asymmetrical skirts, leggings, belted ankle-sweeping coats, and oversized belted jackets featuring a shockingly rusty seam finish.

For footwear, HYKE has revised many iterations of adidas’ more shape-fitting silhouettes, including the FYW and the FYW XTA (BOA lacing system) and the recurring white, black and beige sandal-style styles in the collection.