The Hip-hop industry’s latest Raptress Crissy Baby is not only making musical impact but conscious impact by Buying Black and spotlighting POC brands on her latest project, can we expect the big power houses to join the movement as Beyonce took the lead in 2019 on spotlighting black creatives throughout her visual project.

Get To Know A Little About Crissy!

Q: What does style mean to you?

A: Style means embracing your inner truth without speaking!! 

Q:Tell us about your process. How do you find inspiration when working to a deadline?

A:My writing process is simple. I write what’s popping in my head usually without a beat but I write with a particular cadence. When up against a deadline, I just listen to the beat nonstop until it speaks to me. It always speaks to me even if I don’t particularly like what it’s saying, and that’s when rewrites come into play. Once all the words make sense the song is complete.

Q:What is your creative process like?

A:My creative process usually involves Mary Jane, and a place that’s not too quiet. It’s the chaos of life that creates all my thoughts.

Q: If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?

A: Ye… Kanye West most definitely. And Beyonce of course. Also, Taylor Swift, and I know that’s a wild ride, but an amazing lineup right?

Q: You made it a point to wear POC owned brands on your “OVA SHAKOVA” Album why was this?

A: It was important for me to showcase black luxury in the sense that Im pro POC all 4 brands Telfar, Brandon Blackwood , Truth Black , Ropes are all intergal to the community and I wanted to showcase that on my single cover.