Filling Pieces has started to reinvent itself, putting in motion new and more revolutionary silhouettes to diversify its bid. The most recent example of this change is the Crease Runner. The Filling Pieces Crease Runner, debuted at Paris Fashion Week FW20 earlier this year, is scheduled to be launched in four colorways on September 3, all of which will be limited in size.

The Crease Runner was designed by the brand’s in-house designer, Martin Sallieres, who told Highsnobiety: “We felt that this shoe could handle a lot in terms of textures and colours because of the exaggerated panels and almost caricatural elements of a 70’s runner. Matthias Weber and I really dived in the Filling Pieces archive of materials and looked for the “craziest” materials. We tried to make every panel look different.”

The Filling Pieces Crease Runner marks a major step forward for the Dutch brand in terms of sneaker style. It channels a style influenced by the 1970s, which has also been seen by the likes of Lanvin and New Balance on new offerings. That’s not where the influence stops, however, because the Crease Runner uses nubuck, suede, and nappa panels in the multi-material upper portion of Filling Pieces’ background with leather shoes. Given that this is lifestyle take on a performance silhouette, certain characteristics are exaggerated, such as the waffle heel, which is stretched to the top to create an extremely trendy appearance.

Sallieres received acclamation on Instagram when he glued floral petals to a Crease Runner sample (below). While several sneakerheads wished that this version will be published as well, Sallieres says that is impossible, but at some stage in the near future he would like to make a faux version of it.

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Sallieres claims that the influences of footwear from the 1970s are here to stay-at least in the short term. “This era of footwear (in terms of innovation) is the essence of nowadays sneakers. So essentially we see these references and elements in every modern release. Whether it is color, material, or shape-wise,” he says. “The challenge will be to keep innovating on such a heritage.”

Look for the Filling Pieces Crease Runner designed by Sallieres to fall in the four colorways above on September 3.