Gucci’s $1,400 Grass-Stained Denim

By September 22, 2020No Comments

A new pair of distressed overalls from its FW20 men’s range has been launched by Gucci. The denim threads come complete with legs that are grass-stained and for $1,400 you can buy them. No, this isn’t a joke.

The overalls “blur the line between retro and contemporary,” according to the luxury fashion house. They are made of organic cotton and have been handled to achieve the stained-like, distressed look that Gucci says adheres to the grunge theme of the FW20 range.

They are totally roasted on Twitter, as you would expect for a pair of $1,400 overalls with design advantages that you might replicate yourself by rolling in a field.

The grass-stained overalls were debuted by Gucci during its FW20 show back in January. You’ll find a pair of jeans in the same collection with a similar distressing effect.

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