From a young boy in Baltimore, Maryland and now taking on a life-changing new role in New York, Kevin Wallace opens up about why he left and pursued his modelling career. Here, she sits down with Slay Style to talk about his childhood, pursuing his career and upcoming projects.

Can you tell us about yourself? Where you were born and how’s your childhood?

Just a young hungry guy from Baltimore Maryland, grew up pretty normal as everybody else, regular childhood.

How did you get into acting and modelling? Did you always want to pursue this career?

Never thought about pursuing, a woman at my previous job asked me “Why don’t you model?” and I never knew how, then researched, and the rest was history.

How has your career changed your life?

Changed my life for the better for myself because it’s something I enjoy doing.

What makes you busy, aside from work?

Being ambitious.

Who do you want to work with? Any collaborations?

Prada, Louis Vuitton, Tyler Perry.

What can we expect from you? Do you have any projects line up for your fans?

Oh you can always expect something from me, just keep the lookout 😉 …