For his first two appearances for the Chicago Bulls, the trainers Michael Jordan wear are now expected to debut after nearly 36 years. Backdoor Bottega, an Italian retailer, is scheduled to unleash the Air Ship Pro this Saturday, August 1.

During the outset of the 1984-85 season, Jordan laced the Nike Air Ship Pro before wearing the Air Jordan 1. He was infamously prohibited to wear the former and at the time, the colorway was not consistent with NBA norms. It actually resulted in a fine of $5,000 for each game the Air Ship was donned by MJ.

The sneaker used the Nike Air Ship’s upper and the Nike Pro Circuit tennis shoe midsole, as the regular Air Ship’s midsole was both too bulky and too big for Jordan’s taste. This was never made available for buying, 36 years on — until now.

“All I can say, speaking as a collector and big fan of Michael Jordan, is that I am really proud and excited for the choice of the Jordan Brand to give me and my store Backdoor Bottega the exclusive premiere of this masterpieceand my Backdoor Bottega store the exclusive premiere of this masterpiece,” said Marco Evangelisti, founder of Backdoor Bottega.

The Jordan Air Ship Pro will be accessible on August 1 through in-store raffle followed by a regional raffle on August 3. For more details please visit Backdoor Bottega.