Vans has cooperated with Los Angeles-based craftsman Mister Cartoon and Japanese streetwear brand NEIGHBORHOOD for another two-tennis shoe joint effort. Comprising of the Authentic 44 DX and Old Skool 36 DX, the pack is alluded to as the “Uncle Toons Mart” assortment, named after an anecdotal alcohol store envisioned by Mister Cartoon and NEIGHBORHOOD.

The joint effort is propelled by every member, as Mister Cartoon draws from his LA roots to feature his mark tattoo-affected style. At the center, the pack celebrates both Mister Cartoon and NEIGHBORHOOD’s commitment to craftsmanship and tender loving care, while mixing Tokyo road style and Los Angeles road life.

The Authentic is imprinted in Mister Cartoon’s tattoo-enlivened style, additionally highlighting white sidewalls perusing “Uncle Toons Mart” and “NEIGHBORHOOD” in cursive typography. The all-dark Old Skool joins weaved toe tops perusing “Tokyo” and “Los Angeles” as a gesture to NEIGHBORHOOD and Mister Cartoon, just as “Uncle Toons Mart by NEIGHBORHOOD” weaving on the heels. Every shoe is done with exceptionally printed sock liners.