Nike’s unveiled a spine-chilling commercial to honor the Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant’s life and legacy. The famous video welcomes to ‘Be Better’ the stars of ‘Mamba Mentality.’

Creatively crafted with a montage of clips showcasing the importance of Bryant, career, athletes, training, family, and the recent George Floyd protests, the brisk delivery of Kendrick Lamar provides the ideal backdrop.

Speaking with raw feeling, Lamar says: “Better friend. Better fighter. Better rider. Better eater. Better leader. Better generation. Better nation. Just be better. Can you do that?”

In which he continues to soundtrack: “Better player. Better shooter. Better scorer. Better G.O.A.T. better mentor. Better minor. Major. Mover. Shaker. Better skater. Better artist. Better teacher. Better preacher/ better believer. Better first/ better future. Better hero.

“Just be better”

The promotion is part of Nike’s “Mamba week,” and in line with what Bryant ‘s 42nd birthday should have been. Many tributes include talented Anthony Davis from Lakers, Diana Taurasi from Phoenix Mercury, and British skateboarder Sky Brown who openly discuss qualities like passion, optimism and honesty.

According to Nike, “Mamba Mentality” was described by Bryant as “a constant quest to try to be better today than you were yesterday”.

Check out the 90-second clip below.