Oakley is perhaps returning the most outrageous brand of sunglasses, the appropriately called OVERTHETOP. 20 years since its first release, this time around the colors are just as head-turning and maybe a little bit more excentric.

At the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics, Oakley first revealed the spectacular shades, as famous sprinter Ato Boldon – known for his bold eyewear on the track – rocked the OVERTHETOP in the 100-meter Men’s. Boldon ‘s pictures wearing the unique eyewear made headlines and soon became one of the most iconic photographs from the Games and one of the most controversial moments from the brand.

This rerelease marks the 20th anniversary of OVERTHETOP ‘s launch and comes around what the 2020 Summer Games should have been like. The quirky frames return this time around, with a fittingly lavish finish, shading from aged gold to silver and bronze. The gradient color scheme, called “Precious Mettle,” is “in appreciation of the Games that did not exist, and pays tribute to those who have the mettle to battle through and conquer obstacles,” says Oakley.

The Oakley Precious Mettle OVERTHETOP releases exclusively on Oakley.com on Friday, August 7, at 9AM PST.