Hank Grüner, the in-house designer of Our Legacy, has created a new collection of prints for a summer T-shirt pack, short-sleeve button-downs, and NBA-style jerseys hinging on the human hand motif.

The pieces are created of different screen printing methods, digital printing and embroidery and take influence from Man Ray’s photographs of hands as well as a collection of classic album covers.

“Cristopher [Nying] presented this idea to me little over a year ago and I have been drawing hands in different shapes and forms with different mediums ever since” says Grüner, “The Bupkus Hand, for example, is drawn with Uni Posca Markers whilst the Mantis Print is painted with brushes. Just as basketball, which has been central in my life, drawing and painting is centered around the ability to perform with your hand without ever looking at it – it is a rhythm.”