In the pantheon of horrific things to happen in 2020 — coronavirus, murder hornets, the “WAP” rock cover from BBC Live Lounge — a hypothetical Reebok Instapump Fury the doubles up as a Chelsea boot sounds like it ranks up there there. But stay tuned! What if that sort of thing existed? And what if it wasn’t that bad? Step aside, Margiela Maison.

The bonkers hybrid footwear comes in different colorways but if you ask us, it’s all about the edition of black leather that looks like a rogue Blundstone gone. If you are in the market for a fall workhorse sneaker, the kind that disdainfully sneers at even the iciest of pavements, then look no further. It features the classic split sole design — chunky enough to provide support but not ostentatious enough to make it unwearable with dress pants — as well as a heel tab on the back for quick access. Side GORE webbing completes the smart yet sporty look, ensuring your feet stay dry even when the weather is most inclement.

You might wonder what kind of person might gravitate toward this kind of shoe. Frustrated office drones who remain mindful of straying too far from the dress code policy for the company? Find out more about the $110 shoe over at Rakuten.