Supreme is coming out with a rare Black Friday update later this week, one that includes the skate brand Antihero. For the fall/winter 2020 season, the familiar collaborators have joined hands to produce a dual-branded twill jacket, hoodie, t-shirt, beanie, and skate deck.

Supreme and Antihero were collaborated in 2016. Their 2020 range is referred to as “ATMOSPHERE URINE” featuring a blended logo that takes letters from each brand name and combines them together to spell out the expression, equivalent to that of a ransom note made from letters from a magazine. Some often refer to this form of cut-out font as punk graphic design, drawn from Jamie Reid’s Sex Pistols artwork.

Every piece of the Supreme x Antihero series features the “ATMOSPHERE URINE” logo, while the tees feature additional visuals in the form of a grinning ICE agent and Michael Jackson suspending his child over a hotel balcony.

The collection will be available in November 27 and November 28 in Japan. Visit Supreme for more details.