Historically, Supreme has produced some of the best and most unforgettable collections in partnership with renowned artists, such as the FW16 collection with Japanese photographer Araki and the Andres Serrano “Blood and Semen” collection, which serves as an outstanding example.

Photo Credit: shitheadadi

Today, Supreme should add the famed “Godfather of Japanese Erotica,” Toshio Saeki, to his long list of influential and unquestionably controversial artistic collaborations. For FW20, Supreme launched a three-piece capsule of workers’ coats, trousers, and hoodies that had been produced with Saeki before his tragic death at the age of 74 earlier this year.

Saeki was born in Japan in the ’70s, in parallel with a boom in the sex industry and political uprising. His artworks have built a legendary cult following due to their insane portrayals of human sexuality touching the BDSM, Japanese mythology, horror, violence, and other aspects of the psychosexual subconscious. While there is definitely a degree of humour involved in Saeki ‘s work, there is also a rather Freudian aspect that is just as discomforting as it is humorous.

Photo Credits: dropvoodo

Both products in this release share the same styling pattern with minimal branding paired with patchwork miniatures of Saeki’s eye-catching drawings added as if on canvas or collage. The tops and trousers are available in blue and black, while the hoodie is available in fading red, olive, white and black. The ornaments tend to be stitched with purposely revealed threads, giving the set an artisanal appeal.

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