2020 saw something very peculiar happen, to say the least. That doesn’t feel like it will improve fast either, either. A shared project clog between the KFC and Crocs fast-food chain arrives online tomorrow. Covered in a fried chicken print, and complete with a detachable fried chicken-scented charm, StockX currently provides the most anticipated update of footwear by 2020.

The shoe is also paying tribute to Colonel Sanders and his invention by red and white decoration at the outsole, as seen on KFC buckets. While an unexpected joint venture, the decline in KFC x Crocs is not the first time Crocs has created a collective clog, in the past having partnered with Pillars, Chinatown Sector, and Takashi Murakami likes.

Ok, so maybe you don’t want to wear them out on the highway, but the piece KFC x Crocs might very well end up as a collectible. Consumer research from StockX reveals the shoe is now priced at an average cost of around $200, the same as its 52-week high price.

Classic Clog KFC