Timex, the exemplary American watchmaker that has been creating timepieces since 1854, has quite recently uncovered its most recent moderate, a la mode watch for all. To do such, they returned into their chronicles, returning to a style from 1979 named the Q Timex.

The reissue of this Quartz-controlled watch very hit retires in late 2019, yet from that point forward it’s been similar to an advertised tennis shoe for watch folks, selling out immediately with each restock. Presently, well into 2020, the organization has uncovered some fresh out of the box new colorways of the watch, including blue/orange, dark/green, and blue/red, the entirety of which, in case we’re being straightforward, give it the presence of an increasingly premium watch from the outset. While as yet being straightforward, that is incredible news in the event that you need something exemplary in appearance without dropping a few stupendous on a top notch timepiece.

Give its sub-$200 pricepoint ($175 to be definite), you can stand to blend and match these with different pieces in your closet, for well under an amazing. Get them while you can, on the grounds that as the promotion for these is genuine, the one thing you probably won’t have a huge amount of when choosing to cop or not is, well, time.

Q Timex Reissue 38mm