Uniqlo has revealed that it will renew its highly praised partnership with understated luxury de facto master, Jil Sander, later this fall.

Right now specifics are scarce, but partnership is expected to continue in the footsteps of the original J+ line that run from 2009 – 2011 with angular knit outerwear, cashmere cardigans, and technical fabric parkas.

A highlight we would love to see return from the initial partnership is the white button-down shirt J+. The deceptively simple Uniqlo essential was upgraded for a boxy yet sleek profile with hallmarks of Sander’s fashion intuition such as a secret button placket, contrasting tailored body panels and a somewhat more compact cut in the rear. In the current world, a return to affordable price points for perfectly-made basics will be welcome too.

As Sander states in an interview with Uniqlo, “All periods have their essentials, the late nineteenth century had the corset, the hippies of the sixties had blue jeans. Today it’s almost impossible to speak of essentials, since we wear nothing but these.”

Japanese clothing behemoth Uniqlo — probably best known for recent collaborations with pop-culture outlets such as Sailor Moon and Super Mario — could well revive the FW20 ‘s iconic high street x label formula.

Sanders also expressed her thoughts on the fashion zeitgeist and the basic yet undervalued clothes feature just to make us look better than we already do, “Today, we have e-commerce, bloggers, Instagram and much more. Social media is a great motor for the fashion industry. Fashion experienced a resurrection online, albeit with different rules. Yet, I feel that we need more critical discourse online to differentiate between flashy looks and designs that actually improve the looks of real human beings.”