Vibram, the renowned Italian outsole maker, is introducing a customization platform named Vibram Component. The tool is a kit that contains the first-ever sole of the brand, the Carrarmato, as well as a collection of leather, lace and fabric pieces.

To start with the makers will be able to select the Carrarmato sole in the color of their choice—black, brown or white—as well as the color of their leather and fabric components. Those that assemble the shoe will then have everything they need to actually put on their own non-glue shoes.

The varying colors of the leather and lace make it easy for the designers to mix and match and offer those making the shoes a variety of ways to customize—whether by colour or the style of the lace and stitching.

As per Gianmarco Ricci, Vibram Connection Lab Director, “Vibram Component is a concept that aims to return to a hands-on/do-it-yourself attitude, using low-tech personalization.”

It’s a basic DIY package that helps sneakerheads of all abilities to make a lifetime dream come true, practically making their own shoes. You can get as complicated or as easy as you like, as the ambassadors of Vibram Component have demonstrated. These are James Shaw, Gio Pastori, Ruth Neubauer, and Rayon Vert, whose works are seen above.

Vibram’s got huge expectations for this DIY kit. “This is only the first step of Vibram Component, a work in progress that could be inclined to more evolutions and variations, both with regards to collaborations with brand and designers, but also the actual sole technology.”

For more information on the Vibram Component, please visit Vibram’s website here.