We caught up with California Native Dennaya Famous to find out how she continuously builds her brand in the digital space through fashion while developing her future endeavors.

Interview Conducted By Parker XL | Chris Parker

How did you get started in this online fashion world?

“I have always been a fashion girl, my point of entry was very organic I started to post  my OOTD’s on IG and people really started to gravitate towards my aesthetic and from that I was  able to build my own little tribe.”

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Tuesday vibes 💕 📷: @iammontechristo

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How do you deal with the whole aspect of self-promotion, which a lot of people struggle with?

“I can’t say I don’t struggle with it I do have my moments when it’s so hard to be self-centered, I think its just authenticity, I’m not trying to “BE the best” or be noted as the “best dressed” I just am myself. “

Who do you admire within the fashion world?

“Of course, anyone black/POC but if I could namedrop  I’d have to say Aleali May and Kristen Noel Crawley are killing it currently!”

When you’re not slaying it on the gram what does your work life look like?

“I like to read, I’m the opposite of what people probally think, I watch tons of documentaries, I love cook cooking,  and cleaning . I’m a homebody, practicing my housewife stuff lol.”

What Male style influencer is your person.

“My brother Darrion Famous, he’s definitely  innovative style wise, consistent with his content, and he’s worked really hard to build his lane. Watching his journey has been very rewarding.”

Lots of brands are moving away from traditional marketing and turning to influencers. Why do you think working with influencers has become so effective in the luxury market?

“I think it goes back to authenticity, influencers are more relatable, people grow with their favorite influencer, they connect to the consumer more than a traditional celebrity. It’s defiantly a relatability thing.”

How do you reach out to brands you admire and what strategies work best for you?

“When I come across a brand I want to work with  I’ll send them a dm, or email to introduce myself, I’ve been very fortunate to have a lot brands have reach out to me, but I’m not afraid to pitch myself. “

What sort of posts generates the most engagement for you?  

“Definitely outfit post, flat lays also but mainly outfits.”

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What is your next step for you and the famous brand?

“I’m working on a skincare line, skincare/self-care is a very important aspect of my everyday life and it’s something that I do not compromise on. So, I am very excited to have my own line of products. I love helping people and I know how much taking care of myself has helped me on a confidence level and I am very excited to have the opportunity to share that with the world.”

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Drink water. Eat fruit. Get money. Mind ya business.

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What is your biggest challenge right now in fashion?

“Still competing for a seat at the table, until recently brands weren’t so “pro-black girl” so things like equal pay or equal opportunities haven’t always been easy. But, I feel there’s a shift happening in 2020, people of color are coming to the forefront, I hope and pray it continues. “

What’s something most people wouldn’t guess about you?

“If I had to pick one thing I would say people would never guess how nerdy I am.”

Who do you feel is driving streetwear style forward in the celebrity world? 

Rhianna, for sure. 

How do you feel about the “Fenty” fashion brand?

“I feel like its a luxury brand, I feel within her empire she’s giving everyone something with all her brands, if you can’t afford Fenty clothing you can afford Fenty Lingerie or Fenty Beauty, she’s made her empire accessible for everyone.  She’s goals for sure! “