The Israeli jewelry company Yvel is developing what it says is the most costly face mask for coronavirus in the world, reports the New York Post. The mask is made of gold and diamonds, priced at $1.5million.

In the United States, Yvel makes the face mask for an unknown customer. The customer had three requests after ordering the accessory: the mask would contain the top-rated N99 filters, be finished by the end of the year and be the most expensive in the world.

The luxury mask is made of 18-karat white gold, with 3,600 black and white diamonds, and features N99 filters to guard against airborne contaminants. The covering weighs somewhat more than half a pound regardless of the implementation of these gems.

“Money maybe doesn’t buy everything, but if it can buy a very expensive COVID-19 mask and the guy wants to wear it and walk around and get the attention, he should be happy with that,” said Yvel ‘s owner Isaac Levy.

While many people are out of work and/or have seen loved ones fall prey to COVID-19, others would be upset at such a massive effort expressly directed towards the pandemic. Nonetheless, Levy — who admits he wouldn’t wear the mask himself — appreciates the support he and his colleagues have provided.

“I am happy that this mask gave us enough work for our employees to be able to provide their jobs in very challenging times like these times right now,” he said.

For more on the $1.5 million face mask, visit the New York Post.